sábado, 20 de janeiro de 2018

*396 Blessed is the person who won the love of an old dog

💕  Blessed is the person who won the love of an old dog

Head CATWA Catya 
Hair Moon   Angela hairstyle [Blondes]
HairBase Just Magnetized-Basic Hairbase set 20 New Appliqué 23th round
Skin Ascendant ~ Claire - CATWA / MAITREYA
Make WarPaint*- Darling lashes New Appliqué 23th round
Make Mad' - KissMe Lipsticks[PACK1] New Appliqué 23th round
Nails LIVIA : Diamond Life New Appliqué 23th round
Tattoo  -Endless Pain-  Nyla Black New Appliqué 23th round
Acessories -SECRETS-  lia Chains Necklace Set New Limit8
Clothing _CandyDoll_ Dayanis Jumper

domingo, 14 de janeiro de 2018

*395 Profile

💕  Profile

Head CATWA Catya 
Hair Moon   Messenger
Skin Ascendant ~ Claire  - CATWA / MAITREYA
Make ARTERY- Deep Gleam Lip New Appliqué 23th round
Nails LIVIA : Diamond Life New Appliqué 23th round
-SECRETS- Anna Necklace Set New ULTRA Events
-SECRETS- Arrow Chains Bracelet New ULTRA Events
Clothing [GLITZZ] Summer Dress

sexta-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2018

*394 Cake Mix

💕  Cake Mix 

Head CATWA Catya 
Hair Taketomi West   CLIQUE002 - LightBlondes  New  
Skin Ascendant ~ Anna  - CATWA / MAITREYA
Make Just Magnetized-  Insta Beauty set 05-Catwa 
NEW  Powder Pack December

Acessories .Oppa. - Lil Unicorn (Gacha OLD ) 
Clothing _CandyDoll_ Aimin Dress New  C88
_CandyDoll_ Aimin Boots New  C88

segunda-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2018

*393 To Relax

💕  To Relax

Head CATWA Catya 
Hair Taketomi West   CLIQUE002 - LightBlondes  New  
Make Ascendant-  Anna Lips - Catwa NEW 
-SECRETS- - Bitch's Way  NEW  anyBODY
_CandyDoll_ Jacinda Dress  

_CandyDoll_ Anny Heels  New  FaMESHed

sexta-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2018

*392 Pink Fairy

💕 Pink Fairy

Head CATWA Catya 
Hair Navy&Copper   Cherry  New   Shiny Shabby
Skin VCO ~ Rinco *Appliers* CATWA 002 (GACHA)
Make Ascendant-  Anna Lips - Catwa NEW 
[Glitzz] Draconia Gacha Set NEW  Lootbox

* Shin + Thigh In 3 different metals and 5 crystal options
* Brace + Bracelet in 3 different metals and 5 crystal options
* Crow in 3 metal options and 5 crystal options (HUD Fatpack)
* Top in 3 metal options - 5 crystal options and 5 top colors (HUD Fatpack)
* Panties in 3 metal options and 5 Pantiescolors (HUD Fatpack)
* Bento Wings in 3 metal options and 5 wing colors (HUD Fatpack)
Bento wings comes in 2 Flying wings moventes:

* Slow wings on floor
* Fast wings on fly
The Scene
.Oppa. Flower Wall Deco NEW  Etoile Event
Open Now (05~01)

quarta-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2018

*391 Coffee Break

💕 Coffee Break

Head CATWA Catya 
Hair Truth Vip   December - Tinsley Adesão  350ls
Skin Ascendant ~ Brooke CATWA NEW  The Darkness
Clothing _CandyDoll_ Paula Dress

quinta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2017

*390 Lollipop

💕 Lollipop

Head CATWA Catya 
Hair #Foxy   Milena Hair (Blondes) NEW  Kustom9
Skin DeeTaleZ ~ *Appliers* CATWA Head "Taylor 2" Christmas GIFT 
Make ARTERY-  Daily Blush NEW  @Appliqué 22th round
Nails Livia : Royal Glam  New  @Appliqué 22th round
Acessories Kibitz - Carlotte ring set - gold NEW  Kustom9
G.ID Kailee Bodysuit(With Choker) NEW  @Appliqué 22th round
_CandyDoll_ Dana Short Peach