Friday, April 27, 2018

*433 I love my candy room

💕 I love my candy room

Head Catwa Catya
Eyes Ascendant - Moonlight NEW Cosmetic Fair
Make ARTERY  - Lily Eyelash(Catwa) NEW Appliqué 26th round
Acessories -SECRETS- Hope Necklace NEW Limit8
_CandyDoll_ Dolly WHITE Top NEW The Epiphany
_CandyDoll_ Dolly Print Panties NEW The Epiphany
_CandyDoll_ Dolly WHITE Socks NEW The Epiphany
On The Scene
_CandyDoll_ RARE - Dolly Queen Bed NEW The Epiphany
_CandyDoll_ RARE - Dolly Room NEW The Epiphany
_CandyDoll_ Dolly Mannequin Flowers NEW The Epiphany
_CandyDoll_ Dolly Mannequin Dressed NEW The Epiphany
_CandyDoll_ Dolly Round Flowers Rug NEW The Epiphany
_CandyDoll_ Dolly Suitcase NEW The Epiphany
_CandyDoll_ Dolly Floor Pillow NEW The Epiphany
_CandyDoll_ Dolly Yummy Plate NEW The Epiphany
_CandyDoll_ Dolly Macaron Plate NEW The Epiphany
_CandyDoll_ Dolly Butterfly Frame NEW The Epiphany
_CandyDoll_ Dolly Desk NEW The Epiphany
_CandyDoll_ Dolly PC  NEW The Epiphany
_CandyDoll_ Dolly Lamp  NEW The Epiphany
Refuge - Whimsy Lighting Dawn 
MishMish - Teddy Bear - Hug me / Candy
MishMish - Teddy Bear - Sleeping / Candy
MishMish - Teddy Bear - Stance A / Candy
MishMish - Teddy Bear - Sitting / Candy
+Half-Deer+ Faux Window - Unicorn Dreams (Low Blinds)

Thursday, April 26, 2018

*432 Freedom is your essence! 🌻

💕 Freedom is your essence! 🌻

Head Catwa Catya
Hair DOUX - Berta hairstyle [Blondes]
HairBaase Just Magnetized - Essential Hairbase - set 01 NEW Equal10
Eyes Ascendant - Moonlight NEW Cosmetic Fair
Make Just Magnetized - Slit Eyebrows - set 01 NEW Cosmetic Fair
Make Just Magnetized Insta Beauty - set 07 NEW Powder Pack
Acessories -SECRETS- Rebeca Ring Set NEW Spring Flair Event
Astralia kawaii Kitty Top
Paper Arrow Co. cuffed jeans paint

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

*431 I'm an angel

💕 I'm an angel

Hair Exile  Break the Rules - Blondes
HairBase Just Magnetized - Essential Hairbase - set 02 New Appliqué 26th round
Eyes Ascendant - Valery New Appliqué 26th round
Acessories -SECRETS- Rebeca Ring Set - Maitreya New Spring Fair
Clothing [GLITZZ] - Spring Backdrop - Roses Pink  New Shiny Shabby

Friday, April 20, 2018

*430 Independence Day

💕 Independence Day

Head Catwa Catya
Hair [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Kanade hair with cap RARE
Eyes Ascendant - Valery NEW Appliqué 26th round
Tatoo Juna  Diana Woman NEW Appliqué 26th round
Nail kosmetik Applier - Joyful Active NEW Appliqué 26th round
Acessories Genesis_Lab_Phone_3.1 Bento RARE
Blueberry  Lila - Crop & Knot Tie Tops - White
Blueberry   Frappe - Denim Shorts - Ocean
Blueberry  Tinker Set - Legwarmers - Soft Pink
WeArH0uSE [torn] - NEW Appliqué 26th round

Thursday, April 19, 2018

*429 Spring Flower

💕 Spring Flower

Head Catwa Catya
Hair #Foxy - Whip Hair (Blondes)
Just Magnetized - Essential Hairbase - set 02 New Appliqué 26th round
Eyes Ascendant - Valery New Appliqué 26th round
Tatoo {T'Ink} Mystic New Appliqué 26th round
Nail kosmetik Applier - Joyful Active New Appliqué 26th round
Blueberry  Laura - Sweater and Corset Dress - Pixie
_CandyDoll_ Hedy Boots - Light Colors New Collabor88
On The Scene
[GLITZZ] - Spring Backdrop - Roses Pink  New Spring Fair

Monday, April 16, 2018

*428 Day With Nature

💕 Day With Nature

Head Catwa Catya
Hair nani - simone hair [variety]
Just Magnetized - Essential Hairbase - set 02 New Appliqué 26th round
Eyes Ascendant - Valery New Appliqué 26th round
Tatoo {T'Ink} Mystic New Appliqué 26th round
Nail kosmetik Applier - Joyful Active New Appliqué 26th round
Acessories e.marie Unicone *RARE*
.:Avanti:. Jaeda Denim Top - Faded Blue
toksik - Dolce Skirt
_CandyDoll_ Hedy Boots - Light Colors New Collabor88
On The Scene
Refuge - Mystic Lantern
[Black Bantam] Southern Belle Chihuahua
JIAN Love Pugs 4. Flower Crown

Sunday, April 15, 2018

*427 Lets Play

💕 Lets Play

Head  Catwa  Bento - CATYA
Hair / Wasabi Pills /    - Jun Mesh Hair - FLF
Skin Ascendente Bunny Catwa New The DollHouse  
Ascendant - Body Freckles/Beauty Marks MAITREYA (New Mainstore)
Eyes Ascendente   Valery Catwa     NEW Appliqué 26th round
Make ARTERY  - Sank Matte Lip NEW Appliqué 26th round
Make [LeLuck] - 
Blossom Dreams  NEW Appliqué 26th round

-SECRETS- Maeve Heart Necklace - Gold
[Glitzz] Diamonds Choker - NEW Black Fashion Fair
Nails CAZIMI -  Sets - Spring Sky NEW Appliqué 26th round
[Glitzz] -  Bria Set NEW Season History
This set comes : C. String(blushing) - Bra - Skirt - Dress
fatpack comes in 12 colors
*only for maitreya
On the scene
[Black Bantam] Bath Time Baby Girl Pink 01
[Black Bantam] Yorkie Pup Sitting
[Glitzz] Sweet - Wall Damask Pink 
LAGOM - Studio Stockholm [Daybed ADULT] #02 RARE
LAGOM - Studio Stockholm [Light Chair] #15
LAGOM Studio Stockholm [Light Chair] #08
LAGOM - Studio Stockholm [Nightstand] #09

LAGOM - Studio Stockholm [Floorlight] #10

+Half-Deer+ Faux Window - Unicorn Dreams (Low Blinds)
+Half-Deer+ Rose Arrangement - Pink - Curve (Small)

.peaches. Mon Desir Planner - Group Gift

JIAN :: A Very Kitten Christmas - Grey Tabby Kitten

JIAN :: Floofy Felines - Hold Me (White)
{anc} NOEL. :  frilled furrug / milk 2Li