Wednesday, November 29, 2017

*377 Cold Night

💕  Cold Night

Head CATWA Catya 
Hair pr!tty    Avery 
Just Magnetized- Insta Beauty set 04
Skin Ascendant ~ Anna  - CATWA / MAITREYA NEW  @SAD
[Black Bantam] Carry Me Too Turkey Yorkie NEW  KUSTOM9
_CandyDoll_ - Anya Top  New   ~Uber~  
Violent Seduction - Odette Panties (Pink)
Blueberry - Tinker Set - Legwarmers - Soft Pink
The Scene
[Glitzz] Private Sci Fi - Sky Pink  RARE NEW  Fantasy Gacha
[Glitzz] Private Sci Fi - Wall Deco Pink NEW  Fantasy Gacha
[Glitzz] Private Sci Fi - Light Pink NEW  Fantasy Gacha
[Glitzz] Private Sci Fi - Stool - Pink NEW  Fantasy Gacha
[Glitzz] Girly Skull - Pet Skull - White/Pink NEW  Fantasy Gacha
dust bunny . cocoa & cookies tray
.random.Matter. - Hartley Deer Candle - Rose
MishMish - Teddy Bear - Stance B / Candy
[ keke ] hogweed in vase

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

*376 Just Fine

💕 Just Fine

Head CATWA Catya
Hair **DP**YUMYUM   *barberyumyum*90
Just Magnetized- Insta Beauty set 04
Skin Ascendant ~ Anna  - CATWA / MAITREYA NEW  @SAD
Nails CAZIMI - Argyle Autumn NEW  @Appliqué 21th round
 -SECRETS- - Baloon Girl  NEW  Sanarae Round 26
Blueberry - Tinker Tops
Blueberry - DWL Fun capri jeans 

Sunday, November 26, 2017

*375 Meon

💕 Meon

Head CATWA Catya 
Hair DOUX   Halsey hairstyle [Blondes] 
Just Magnetized- Basic Hairbase - SPECIAL EDITION 04 
November Edition! Starts 17th! NEW  Powder Pack
Skin Ascendant ~ Anna  - CATWA / MAITREYA NEW  @SAD
Tatoo LIVIA  HeartBruises NEW  @Appliqué 21th round
Make ARTERY Soft Matte Lip (Catwa)NEW  @Appliqué 21th round
Nails DMZ - Let it snow Nail Polish NEW  @Appliqué 21th round
-SECRETS-  -Vintage Sunglasses NEW  MOM
-SECRETS-  - My sweet Jail - Gold NEW  Limit8
[GLITZZ] Algodão Botton Up Shirt NEW  Limit8
Blueberry -SAIA Roma - Ombre Candy 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

*374 Kisses

💕 Kisses

Head CATWA Catya 
Hair Navy&Copper  BlackBerry Blondes NEW  Shiny Shabby
Just Magnetized- Basic Hairbase - set 18
Skin Ascendant ~ Anna  - CATWA / MAITREYA NEW  @SAD
-SECRETS-  -  Autumn Leaf Ear Cuff 
-SECRETS-  - Helena Slave Choker
.:FlowerDreams:.  . Shine Lash Set (Catwa)NEW  @Appliqué 21th round
LIVIA Amel Lipstick CATWA NEW  @Appliqué 21th round
[GLITZZ]  Cotton Bodysuit NEW  Whimsical

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

*373 Cat

💕 Cat

Head CATWA Catya 
Hair =*DeLa*=  "Michaela" Blondes 
Skin Ascendant ~ Anna  - CATWA / MAITREYA NEW  @SAD
Nails CAZIMI  - Argyle Autumn NEW  Appliqué 21th round
Make Just Magnetized-Natural Eyebrows set 02 NEW  Appliqué 21th round
P O E M A . Darla Lipstick  (Catwa)NEW  NEW  Appliqué 21th round
Blueberry Tank Black
Blueberry  Kimi Skirts - Suede - Pixie
.:::G.ID:::.  Piper Fishnets(With Bow) NEW  NEW  Appliqué 21th round

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

*372 New Round

💕 New Round

Head CATWA Catya 
Hair DOUX  Berta hairstyle
Avada ~ Raine  Lumiere Catwa Head
-SECRETS- Arabesque Ear Cuff Gold NEW  shiny shabby
Just Magnetized-PerfectEyebrows - set08
.MILA . Hypnose Star Lashes (Catwa) 
Ascendant - Lipsticks set 13 - CATWA 
=Zenith= Witch dress (Pink) Maitreya (gacha)

Monday, November 13, 2017

*371 Life

💕  Live

Head CATWA Catya 
Hair Exile  Don't Look Back Blondes 
 _CandyDoll_  Yesenia Top
_CandyDoll_    Rania Pants  - New   Collabor88
The Scene
+Half-Deer+ .  Faux Window - Unicorn Dreams  
+Half-Deer+ Firefly Vine - Frost - Vert.
06 [Glitzz]  Baroque - Vanity Table - White  NEW Gacha Guardians

Sunday, November 12, 2017

*370 Break the Rules

💕  Break the Rules

Head CATWA Catya 
Hair Exile  Break the Rules - Blondes 
 Just Magnetized Basic Hairbase - set 16  for CATWA
Clothing _CandyDoll_  Zaida Jumper - New   FaMESHed
The Scene
dust bunny . glam celebration . fatpack

Friday, November 10, 2017

*369 Scavenger Punk

💕  Scavenger Punk

Head CATWA Catya 
Hair DOUX  Excited hairstyle [Blondes] 
-SECRETS- Scavenger Punk SET New  Fantasy Gacha Carnival
-SECRETS- Scavenger Punk Googles 
-SECRETS- Scavenger Punk Bracer 
-SECRETS- Scavenger Punk Mask 
-SECRETS- Scavenger Punk Neck 
Make Just Magnetized -Halo Eyeshadow - set 01 for CATWA
Clothing VARONIS - Lauva DRESS - Black 
_CandyDoll_  Rania Boots - New  Collabor88

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

*368 Yasmim Sex

💕  Yasmim Sex

Head CATWA Catya 
Hair wasabi/ pills  Hazel Mesh
Acessories pr!tty - Rose Headband (GACHA OLD)
Kibitz - Nightmare ring set - gold
Clothing [Glitzz] Yasmim Dress New  Cosmopolitan Event
(11/06 - 11/18)

Sunday, November 5, 2017

*367 Smile ♥

💕  Smile ♥

Head CATWA Catya 
Hair **DP**YUMYUM  *barberyumyum*9
Acessories -SECRETS- Belle Choker Set - Gold
Make Ascendant - Lipsticks set 12 - CATWA 
Clothing [PU] Phedra Dress New  LeSix Event
_CandyDoll_  Zaida Heels New  FaMESHed
The Scene
[Glitzz]  Bianca Set  NEW Gacha Guardians
Baroque set comes: sky RARE (BLACK)
14 COMMONS ( all in black or white versions)
SOI (this item is retirated after event is over)
** The bed comes Adult Animations**
** The Stool comes 4 animated siting poses
** The Table Lamp have On/Off option

Friday, November 3, 2017

*366 Happy Birthday to me

💕 Happy Birthday to me

Head CATWA Catya 
Hair Navy&Copper  Pineapple NEW Shiny Shabby 
Clothing [Glitzz]  Violet Dress
Acessories -SECRETS- Metal Choker - Gold
Make Ascendant - Eyeshadows set 12 - CATWA NEW anyBODY

The Scene
[Glitzz]  Bianca Set  NEW Gacha Guardians
Baroque set comes:
14 COMMONS ( all in black or white versions)
SOI (this item is retirated after event is over)
** The bed comes Adult Animations**
** The Stool comes 4 animated siting poses
** The Table Lamp have On/Off option
MUSCHI    M Bags1 and 2
Bee Designs Princess Bedroom Cat Princess RARE NEW Cosmopolitan
Bee Designs Princess Bedroom 4 Framed posters NEW Cosmopolitan
Bee Designs Princess Bedroom gacha Neon wall decor NEW Cosmopolitan