Wednesday, February 28, 2018

*410 That happiness become routine.

💕 That happiness become routine.

Head Catwa Bento-CATYA
Hair #Foxy  - Whip Hair (Blondes)
Skin Ascendant - Claire - CATWA
Tatoo CHAMELEON - Naomi -  New Appliqué 24th round
Make  Just Magnetized -Insta Beauty set 06 Catwa New February Powder Pack
[WitchCraft]  Into My Heart - gold -  (New Mainstore)
Nails CAZIMI  Too Hot New Appliqué 24th round
Blueberry  - Lace Tops - Gift Old  
-SU!-  Nydale Shorts WASHED

Monday, February 26, 2018

*409 I do not show half of what I feel.

💕 I do not show half of what I feel.

Head Catwa Bento-CATYA
Hair Truth Vip  - Carla -
Just Magnetized - Basic Hairbase - set 19 for CATWA
Skin Ascendant - Lola Tone 01 - CATWA  ( coming soon)
Make  Ascendant - Kinda dolls lipstick [CATWA] New DollHouse
OPEN 27th Feb - 20h March

-SECRETS- Valentine's Day Ring Set  New Ultra Events
[Glitzz] Lady Choker  New TRES CHIC Venue
 (February 18th - March 10th)
Nails CAZIMI  Too Hot New Appliqué 24th round
_CandyDoll_ Layla Dress - Light Colors New Collabor88
_CandyDoll_ Layla Boots - Light Colors New Collabor88
On the scene
Refuge - Spark Lamp Plain Gold Smaller (New Mainstore)
Refuge Spark Lamp Shimmer Gold Larger (New Mainstore)
Refuge - Spark Lamp Static Gold Smaller (New Mainstore)
Apple Fall  Milan Lounge - Red Leather
Apple Fall  - LTD Digital Gramophone (Copper)
Apple Fall - Lightbulb Terrarium
Apple Fall Magazine Files
+Half-Deer+ Faux Window - Unicorn Dreams (High Blinds)

Thursday, February 22, 2018

*408 The girl talks !!

💕 The girl talks !!

Head Catwa Bento-CATYA
Hair DOUX    Kimiko hairstyle [Blondes]
-SU!- - Aisling Eyes  -  New Appliqué 24th round
Skin Ascendant - Claire - CATWA
ARTERY - Ellie Eyebrows New Appliqué 24th round
Ascendant - Body Freckles/Beauty Marks MAITREYA (New Mainstore) 
-SECRETS- Valentine's Day Ring Set  New Ultra Events
-SECRETS- Alice Necklace set
-SECRETS- Cecilia Arm Chain  New Limit8
Nails LIVIA Smitten  New Appliqué 24th round

[Glitzz]   Cotton Bodysuit - White 
On the scene
Refuge - Granddaughters Tapestry (New Mainstore)
Refuge - Vintage Fur Chair Pink/Gold 
Refuge - Carnegie Lighting Gold (New Mainstore)
#Foxy  - Magical Cat Girl Phone & Wand
+Half-Deer+  Beary Spring Planter - Cream
+Half-Deer+ Beary Spring Planter - Brown
+Half-Deer+ Love Succs - Tall Cactus
+Half-Deer+ Love Succs - Round Cactus
+Half-Deer+ Love Succs - Heart Cactus
+Half-Deer+ Love Bubbles - Strawberry - Column
+Half-Deer+ Sakura Petals - Big Group - Pink
+Half-Deer+  Unicorn Story - Run Free
[Black Bantam] Holdable Velvety Tweed Train Case - Pink
[Black Bantam] Lil Puppy Chief Smoke
[Black Bantam] Old Lady Costume Baby Pink 01
[Black Bantam]  Basic Little Lily 2 Tone 01
[Black Bantam] Me Tired Turkey Yorkie

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

*407 is alone, not always.....

💕 is alone, not always.....

Head Catwa Bento-CATYA
Hair #Foxy    Doll Hair (Blondes)
-SU!- - Aisling Eyes  -  New Appliqué 24th round
Skin Ascendant - Claire - CATWA
Ascendant - Body Freckles/Beauty Marks MAITREYA (New Mainstore)
[POUT!] - Fresh Faced eye palette New Appliqué 24th round
Just Magnetized - Perfect Eyebrows set 11 for CATWA (New Mainstore)
Just Magnetized - Cobaea Lipstick for CATWA New Appliqué 24th round
Nails CAZIMI  Too Hot New Appliqué 24th round
_CandyDoll_  Nina Top (New Mainstore)
_CandyDoll_  Nina Pants (New Mainstore)

Saturday, February 17, 2018

*406 Beautiful flowers

💕 Beautiful flowers

Head Catwa Bento-CATYA
Hair #Foxy     Sugar Hair (Blondes)
HairBase Just Magnetized - Basic Hairbase - set 19 for CATWA
-SU!- - Aisling Eyes  -  New Appliqué 24th round
Skin Ascendant - Claire - CATWA
Ascendant - Body Freckles/Beauty Marks MAITREYA (New Mainstore)
Just Magnetized - Perfect Eyebrows set 11 for CATWA (NewMainstore)
Just Magnetized - Cobaea Lipstick for CATWA New Appliqué 24thround
Nails LIVIA  Smitten New Appliqué 24th round
.Oppa. - Rose Belle Jewelry - New Enchantment Event
-SECRETS- - Valentine's Day Ring Set  New Ultra Events
[Glitzz]  B & B New Enchantment Event

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

*405 Playing blind goat

💕 Playing blind goat

Head Catwa Bento-CATYA
Hair Navy&Copper    Latte (blond) New FaMESHed
Just Magnetized - Basic Hairbase - set 19 for CATWA
Skin AscendantClaire - CATWA
[Glitzz] Sweet Bunny Ears-Pink - New The Gacha Garden
[Glitzz]  Sweet Bunny Sleep Mask Pink New The Gacha Garden
-SECRETS- Valentine's Day Ring Set  New Ultra Events
_CandyDoll_  Kaylee Jump 
_CandyDoll_  Kaylee Heels 
On the scene
Refuge -Vintage Fur Chair Pink/Gold
-Nomi-Princess Room Dressing(Light)
-Nomi-Princess Room Dressing chair(Light)
-Nomi-Princess Room Table Lamp(Light)
-Nomi-Princess Room Bed curtain(Light)
{YD} Dream makeup  - Pink lipstick
Birdy  Boudoir - Rug Pink
... SpotCat ... Pug dog - Sit #05 New On9 Events
!gO! Be mine - Fran