Saturday, September 29, 2018

*513 GlassMoon

💕 GlassMoon
Head Catwa Catya
Hair Magika Talk Like That
Hairbase Just Magnetized - Essential Hairbase set 04  NEW Hair Fair 2018
Make Just Magnetized - Shy Blush for CATWA  NEW  Kinky Event
Nails Ascendant - Flower Bento Nails - Maitreya NEW Blush
_CandyDoll_ Mayza Top - Light Colors NEW  Collabor88
_CandyDoll_ Mayza Jeans - Light Colors NEW  Collabor88
On The Scene
LAGOM GlassMoon NEW  Lootbox
02. LAGOM - GlassMoon [Wall Light Pink] C/M
05. LAGOM - GlassMoon [Frame Pink] C/M
11. LAGOM - GlassMoon [Wind Chimes Pink] C/M
LAGOM   Corner backdrop

Friday, September 28, 2018

*512 It was like this

💕 It was like this
Head Catwa Catya
Hair Doe Mollie - Blondes
_CandyDoll_ Aida Top - Patterns
_CandyDoll_ Aida Shorts - Patterns
On The Scene
LAGOM Backporch NEW  Shiny Shabby
02. LAGOM - Backporch [Shelf] C/M
03. LAGOM - Backporch [Canopy] RARE C/M
04. LAGOM - Backporch [Boxes] C/M
05. LAGOM - Backporch [LeafLine] C/M
07. LAGOM - Backporch [Rug B] C/M
08. LAGOM - Backporch [Squashed Pumpkin] C/M
09. LAGOM - Backporch [Cluster Pumpkin] C/M
10. LAGOM - Backporch [Golden Pumpkin] C/M
11. LAGOM - Backporch [Mailbox] C/M
12. LAGOM - Backporch [Jar] C/M
15. LAGOM - Backporch [Sofa Adult] RARE C/M

Thursday, September 27, 2018

*511 The mask

💕 The mask
Head Catwa Catya
Hair **DP**YUMYUM - *barberyumyum*61F (blond)
.Olive. the Unicorn Hoodie - Pink Fur
Skin [Glam Affair] Malina Applier 06[Catwa] NEW The Arcade
Nails Ascendant - Najla Bento Nails - Maitreya NEW  Dubai
[Glitzz] Alenia Shirt Dress NEW  ~ TRES CHIC Venue ~
(Sept 17th - Oct 10th)
On The Scene
*Tentacio* unicorn milkshake
LAGOM   Witchers Hut  NEW Equal10 Event
LAGOM   The mask collection NEW The Fantasy Collective
LAGOM   Magic Bush NEW The Fantasy Collective
dust bunny  heart shaped side table
dust bunny  unicorn planter
JIAN Kitten Booties Decor Sleepies
+Half-Deer+ English Ivy 

*510 Pool , Food good thing

💕 Pool , Food good thing
Hair #Foxy - Milena  (Blondes)
Tattoo MooLoo  Till Death

Pseudo - Shayna Bikini Top Isis Pink
:::insanya::: - BritneyShorts - Solid
On The Scene
Bee Designs - Batik Lounger set 1 
Bee Designs - Batik Lounger set 2 
Junk Food - DIY Movie Snack Bar
Junk Food - Prongles Cans
Junk Food - Soda Bottles
Junk Food - Grilling Set

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

*509 Booo

💕 Booo
Head Catwa Catya
Hair bonbon - Mina (blond)
Make Just Magnetized - Shy Blush for CATWA  NEW  Kinky Event
Nails Ascendant - Najla Bento Nails - Maitreya NEW  Dubai
[Glitzz] Dakota Set NEW  Shiny Shabby
(September 20 - October - 15)
On The Scene
Your Dreams Little cute ghosts 
{YD} Little cute ghosts - Boo
{YD} Little cute ghosts - Friend
{YD} Little cute ghosts - Potter
[Glitzz] Sweet - Wall Pink Gold
:::ChicChica::: Donuts Kebab

Sunday, September 23, 2018

*508 Outdoor Reading

💕 Outdoor Reading
On The Scene 
Tm:. Creation S27 Intimate Gaden Scene NEW  ~ TRES CHIC Venue ~

Tm:. Creation M18 Tropical Arrangement NEW  Sense Event

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

*507 MISS

💕 Miss
Head Catwa Catya
Hair Navy&Copper Risretto- Blondes
Eyes Ascendant - Spotlights Eyes Fatpack - Mesh/Appliers
Make Just Magnetized - Venus Eyeliner for CATWA NEW  Vanity Event
Make Just Magnetized - Contour Highlight for CATWA NEW Acces Event
Nails Ascendant - Delicate Bento Nails - Maitreya Beta NEW Blush
[ bubble ] Ariel Earrings
BEO - Aleksa_Collar

[Glitzz] - Fiorella TOP
[Glitzz] - Satin Mini Skirt - Salmon 
_CandyDoll_ Mayza Heels - Light Colors

Saturday, September 15, 2018

*506 Thoughts

💕 Thoughts
Hair *ARGRACE*   TSUMUGI - Blondes
_CandyDoll_ Bamzii Jum
On The Scene
Bee Designs  Sweet Dreams Bedroom set NEW The
Bee Designs Sweet Moments Gacha 
LAGOM   Pink overload GACHA  NEW  TLC
02 LAGOM - Pink overload [Backdrop Pink]
[Black Bantam] Lazy Kitten NEW Equal10 Event
Lazy Kitten Hold
Pumpkin Top Lazy Kitten Deco

Thursday, September 13, 2018

*505 Just a touch up

💕  Just a touch up
Hair Truth Vip - Bloom - Blonde
Skin [Glam Affair]  Camelia Applier [Catwa] NEW  Dubai
Eyes Ascendant - Cocaine - Catwa 
Make Just Magnetized - Camelia Lipstick for Catwa  NEW Equal10 Event
Nails Ascendant -Broken Glass Bento Nails Maitreya NEW  TLC 
[Glitzz] Doll Set

On The Scene
Tm:. Creation  Desire Sofa bed-Swank  NEW  Swank Event
[Desire] Sofa Bed ADT anims. Sf4.a
~Cats on Heart Pillow Sf4
~Rug Desire Sf4 

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

*504 Trick or treating

💕 Trick or treating
Hair #Besom Bubble Bath *Crystal* #16 NEW The Arcade
Tattoo MooLoo Wanderlust New ULTRA Event
(opens on Sept. 15th)
[Glitzz] Naomi  top
Blueberry - Letia - Ripped Skirts - Ice
On The Scene
Bee Designs Seasonal benches Gacha 1 RARE NEW The Imaginarium
Your Dreams Trick or treating
{YD} Trick or treating - Pumpkin RARE
{YD} Trick or treating - Sheet Ghost
{YD} Trick or treating -   hellion
{YD} Trick or treating - Mage
{YD} Trick or treating - Frankenstein
Your Dreams Sweet Pumpkin Lantern 
{YD} Sweet Pumpkin Lantern - Scared A
{YD} Sweet Pumpkin Lantern - Funny A
{YD} Sweet Pumpkin Lantern - Scared B
LAGOM  - Rainbow mist NEW  Shiny Shabby
LAGOM  - Fireflies NEW  Equal10

Friday, September 7, 2018

*503 Pink overload

💕 Pink overload
Hair Navy&Copper Mousse
Nails Ascendant - Plastic Bento Nails Fatpack - Maitreya NEW  Vanity
_CandyDoll_  - Ramona Dress  NEW  Kinky Event
_CandyDoll_ - Alessia Boots  NEW  Uber
On The Scene
LAGOM   Pink overload GACHA  NEW  TLC
02 LAGOM - Pink overload [Backdrop Pink]
03 LAGOM - Pink overload [Wall text]
05 LAGOM - Pink overload [Hanging balls]
06 LAGOM - Pink overload [Table]
07 LAGOM - Pink overload [Wine lamp]
08 LAGOM - Pink overload [Doughnuts]
09 LAGOM - Pink overload [Ciggies]
10 LAGOM - Pink overload [Sugar]
11 LAGOM - Pink overload [RubixCube Pink]
12 LAGOM - Pink overload [RubixCube Purple]
13 LAGOM - Pink overload [RubixCube Gold]
14 LAGOM - Pink overload [Buttons Pink]
15 LAGOM - Pink overload [Buttons Blue]
16 LAGOM - Pink overload [Buttons Purple]
17 LAGOM - Pink overload [Chair Pink PG] RARE
JIAN Floofy Felines - Hold Me (White)
JIAN Golden Lab Pupper Basket

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

*502 Wind in the hair.

💕 Wind in the hair.

Hair *ARGRACE*   KOHAKU - Blondes (SALE 60% off)
:::insanya::: - Lana Top pink
.:villena:.   - Shorts - Washed Blue

On The Scene 
Tm:. Creation S26 Fall Dreams Scene NEW  ~ TRES CHIC Venue ~
Tm:. Creation  GP15 The Boat Arrangement NEW  SaNaRae Event

Sunday, September 2, 2018

*501 Place of wonders

[Glitzz] -  Grenda Dress NEW   Blush Event
Delicate and sexy dress
It has a variety of 8 colors available: Black - Blue - Blush - Burgundy - Lilac - Pink- Turquoise - White
★ For Maitreya Lara Only★
★ Singles Only ★
★ Original Creation ★
★Try demo before purchasing★